Tierpark Hellabrunn

Tierpark Hellabrunn is the name of the zoological garden in the Bavarian capital Munich.

The 36 hectare (89 acre) park is situated on the right bank of the river Isar in the southern part of Munich, near the quarter of Thalkirchen. As the groundwater level here is rather high and the water is of very good quality, the zoo can cover its needs for freshwater by using its own wells.


On February 25, 1905, the Verein Zoologischer Garten München e.V. (Engl. Society of the Zoological Garden of Munich) was founded and the Hellabrunn area was chosen as the location for the zoo.
On August 1, 1911, the zoo, planned by the famous architect Emanuel von Seidl, opened for the public for the first time, but in 1922, it had to be closed down due to the inflation in Germany.
After the re-opening on May 23, 1928, the Tierpark Hellabrunn became the first Geo-Zoo in the world and engaged in the controversial back-breeding to "recreate" extinct animals like Heck cattle (to mimic the Aurochs) and the Tarpan.

During World War II, the zoo sustained massive damage due to allied air raids, but it was able to reopen in May 1945.

In 1970, a badly needed plan for the renovation of the zoo was drawn up.

Hellabrunn today

Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Henning Wiesner, Hellabrunn is today the largest zoo in Europe. The preserves of the animals—about 7,700 vertebrates of 340 different species—are arranged along geographic lines.

The Tierpark Hellabrunn is very active in breeding, reintroduction and conservation projects.

In 2003, about 1.4 million people visited Hellabrunn.


  • The old Elephant house: Constructed in 1914, it then had the largest concrete dome in the world (see picture above)
  • The new jungle house which houses Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Mississippi Alligators
  • The Aquarium with the Piranha-feeding
  • "Dracula's villa" - bats fly around you
  • Many other buildings like the "Polarium"
  • The guided tours - especially when it's dark and there is no one else in the Zoo
  • Children's birthday parties
  • One of the very few zoos that allows you to take your dog

External links

  1. Website of the Zoo
  2. Webcams at Hellabrunn
  3. News and press releases of Hellabrunn
  4. Guided Tours of Tierpark Hellabrunn
  5. Munich Zoo at Zoo-Infos.de (in English)
  6. Tierparkfreunde (Friends of the Zoo)
  7. Description of the giant aviary at Zoolex.org
  8. https://ssl.sueddeutsche.de/muenchen/schwerpunkt/348/17331/
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Ionela D
5 April 2016
Exactly like I noticed last week on google maps,Hellabrunn is an actual established nature reserve-style zoo.Get ready to be amazed &hopefully appreciate more the wildlife.I recommend the yearly abo.
Esther Vieira
28 January 2013
So many different species! So nice enviroment for the animals! And you can feed and pet some of them pr follow the feeding times! even in winter, a really good atraction! Love it ;)
21 September 2011
One of the largest zoos in all of Europe, Hellabrunn Zoo is home to more than 340 animal species. Don't miss: Elephant House, Dracula’s Villa, and the Jungle House. Adults: €11,00m children: €4,50.
Wolfgang Holzinger
3 March 2017
Schöne gepflegte Anlage. Viele verschiedene Tierearten die zumeist auch genug Auslauf haben. An den Kiosken und Restaurants gibt es verschiedenste Speisen in Selbstbedienung. Viele Spielplätze.
Thomas Körting
23 April 2016
Toll in die Landschaft integriert. Allein der Weg zum Tierpark macht Spaß. Gemütlich über die Isar und dann rein ins Vergnügen. Tierisch gut
Jessica Calheiros
3 July 2016
Recomendo...principalmente para famílias. ..é em um parque e você tem até contato com alguns animais. Variados animais, parque infantil, restaurante, banheiros e loja de souveniers.Otimo ambiente.
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Mon-Sun 9:00 AM–6:00 PM

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