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Military memorials and cemeteries in Berlin

Soviet War Memorial (Tiergarten)

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The Soviet War Memorial (Tiergarten) is one of several war memorials in Berlin, capital city of Germany, erected by the Soviet Union to commemorate its war dead, particularly the 80,000 soldiers of the Soviet Armed Forces who died during the Battle of Berlin in April and May 1945.

The memorial is located in the Tiergarten, a large public park to the west of the city centre, on the north side of the Strasse des 17 Juni (June 17th Street), the major east-west thoroughfare running from the Brandenburg Gate to the Siegessäule (Victory Column).


This memorial was erected in 1945, within a few months of the capture of the city. Early photographs show the memorial standing in a wilderness of ruins, the Tiergarten having been destroyed by incendiary bombs and then stripped of timber for firewood during the last months of the war. Today, it is surrounded by the extensive woodlands of the reconstituted Tiergarten. Although the memorial stood in the British sector of Berlin, its construction was supported by all the Allied powers. Throughout the Cold War, Soviet Guards were present at the memorial, sent out and changed regularly by Soviet occupying forces troops in the Soviet sector.


The memorial, built from stonework taken from the destroyed Reich Chancellery, takes the form of a curved stoa topped by a large statue of a Soviet soldier. It is set in landscaped gardens and flanked by two Red Army ML-20 152mm gun-howitzer artillery pieces and two T-34 tanks. Behind the memorial is an outdoor museum showing photographs of the memorial's construction and giving a guide to other memorials in the Berlin area. A large Cyrillic inscription is written underneath the soldier statue, which is translated as "Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in battle with the German fascist occupiers for the freedom and independence of the Soviet Union". The Soviets built the statue with the soldier's arm in a position to symbolize the Red Army's putting down of the German National Socialist state.

The memorial was designed by architect Mikhail Gorvits with the monument of the Soviet soldier by sculptors Vladimir Tsigal and Lev Kerbel.

The memorial today

The memorial is still a site of active commemoration. On the anniversary of VE Day, (8 May), wreath-laying ceremonies are held at the memorial. It is a site of pilgrimage for war veterans from the countries of the former Soviet Union. It is also a popular tourist attraction, since it is much closer to the centre of the city than the larger Soviet war memorial at Treptower Park. The memorial is maintained by the City of Berlin.

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Tor Rauden Källstigen
18 March 2012
Let the view blow your mind.
Michael Holdsworth
9 April 2018
Wonderful architecture. Give the Soviets their due, when they built something they did it properly.
Emre K
21 March 2016
Russia (USSR) was here!
Moritz Dorn
7 April 2015
Enjoy the view
Ieva G
31 December 2014
Make sure to visit the memorial in Treptower Park as well if you liked this
Enrique Gutiérrez Arzate
16 December 2014
Just enjoy the view... Fly
J. I.G.
19 November 2014
Short walk from Brandenburger Tor
Yana Di
9 May 2013
Вечная слава героям…
Natalia Titova
23 May 2013
Сюда надо брать цветы. Очень трогает, что памятник советским солдатам в таком прекрасном состоянии и в Берлине. Хорошее место.
Svetlana Kolosova
9 May 2013
Два шага от рейхстага
Artem Kh
9 May 2013
С днем победы!!!! Уррраааааааа!!!!
Vasiliy Grachev
8 November 2015
Слава советским войнам - освободителям
20 March 2013
Geschichtsträchtiger Ort unweit Brandenburger Tor - auch abends einen fotografischen besuch wert!
Jonathan Fernandez
8 April 2012
IMPRESIONANTE! Más de 5.000 soldados aquí enterrados. Al final hay una estatua de un soldado que sostiene a una niña en un brazo, en la otra mano una espada y bajo el pie destruye una esvástica nazi.
Şakir Çakın
28 May 2017
Sovyetler anıtı. Berlin Kapısına çok yakın. Görülebilir. Eski tank ve silahlar var.
Victoria Zhiganova
3 May 2017
Случайно нашли! Находится возле ворот!
Carlos da Silveira
7 September 2015
Me impresionaron las frescas rosas rojas por montones a los pies del monumento 🌹
Andreas Mozer
7 August 2015
Sehr beeindruckendes Bauwerk mit zwei echten Panzern und einer Haubitze.
Olga Stieben
22 April 2015
Вечная память героям! На этом монумент можно лицезреть легендарный Т-34. Также это место захоронения 2000 солдат.
Vladimir Popov
13 May 2014
Давно хотел побывать именно на этом месте. Вечная память и слава Героям!
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