PortAventura is a theme park in site the resort of Portaventura, Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain, on the Costa Daurada ("Golden Coast"), approximately 1 hour from Barcelona. It was conceived and built as a joint effort by the Tussauds group (Alton Towers), Anheuser-Busch (Busch Entertainment Corporation) and Universal Studios. In 1997, Universal bought up most shares in the park and the park was rebranded as 'Universal's Port Aventura'. In 2000, two hotels and a water park were constructed, and the place was further rebranded as 'Universal Mediteranea'. In 2004, NBC Universal (Universal Studios' parent) sold all interest in PortAventura. It is now owned and operated by the Caixa banking group's investment vehicle Criteria, but as of 2005 the Universal name has been dropped from the branding, and the resort was once again named 'PortAventura' (the space in the name is deliberately left out for trademark reasons). It is the biggest resort in the south of Europe. It has 2 airports within 30 minutes of it, including Reus Airport. There is a train station for Port Aventura which has connections to Barcelona and Salou.


The park is divided into the following sections:


Mediterrania is the main entrance area of the park, it only features two rides but there are several restaurants and shops reproducing a typical coastal town in Catalonia. During the months of July and August, the lake is the site of Fiestaventura, a show featuring fireworks and floats representing each of PortAventura's 4 other "worlds". The rides are:

  • Furius Baco - A Intamin Accelerator roller coaster, which opened in June 2007. It has a top speed of 83.9 mph (135 km/h) and is the fastest roller coaster in Europe. The ride is themed along a hay-wire grape collecting machine, launched by a professor's pet monkey.
  • Boat Ride - Takes visitors from the Mediterrania area to the Chinese area.

Far West

Themed as an old wild west town, this area features many western buildings and sculptures.

The area boasts 9 attractions which makes it the biggest area in the park, these include: water rides; Silver River Flume and Grand Canyon Rapids which allows guests to squirt riding guests with water; and smaller rides including a wild west version of Tea cups and Dodgems.

The area is also home to two roller coasters:

  • Stampida - This dueling Wooden roller coaster is the second largest roller coaster in the park.
  • Tomahawk - A junior version of Stampida and which runs parallel to it.


In some ways similar to the wild west area, this area however is somewhat more thrilling than the others in the park. It is themed around Mayan Mexico.

The main attractions include:

  • Hurakan Condor - An Intamin AG drop tower ride operated by a cable lift, the ride provides a large view at the top before riders are sent to free fall to the bottom of the ride. This ride is one of the tallest in the world at 330 ft and is sometimes labelled as the greatest due to the tilting seats.
  • Templo Del Fuego - Built in 2001, it is a walkthrough attraction which runs every 30 minutes. This is themed as a Mayan temple which an Indiana Jones type character raids in search of treasure. The high level of pyrotechnics in this show is hinted in the name - Temple of Fire.
  • El Diablo-Tren de la Mina - An Arrow Dynamics mine train which features various tunnels and helixs and 3 chain-lift hills.


China is home to the biggest ride in the park - Dragon Khan, with 8 inversions this is one of the most thrilling rides in Europe and was the former holder of the biggest coaster in Europe. The ride built by Bolliger & Mabillard (B&M) opened on May 2, 1995 and was one of the two roller coasters that Port Aventura had when it opened.

Other rides in China include: Cobra Imperial, Tea Cups and Fumanchu.

All the area is dominated by the great chinese wall.


The Polynesian area is different from the other rides in the park as it is a more laid back area with less thrilling rides.

The two main rides in the area are:

  • Tutuki Splash - A shoot-the-shoot style ride themed on an erupting volcano, riders experience being shot out of a volcano in a flume style boat.
  • Sea Odyssey - One of the most unique rides at the park. Built in 1999, 4 years after the opening of the park, riders are taken into a dynamic cinema themed as a submarine and taken on a journey to the bottom of the ocean. Surround sound and motion platforms give an unusual experience to the ride.

The area also features the junior roller coaster - Tami Tami, Kon-Tiki Pirate Ship and other junior rides.

Roller Coasters

drop tower ride.]]

Name Manufacturer Speed Height Length Year
Dragon Khan B & M Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert 1995
Furius Baco Intamin AG Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert 2007
Stampida CCI Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert 1997
Hurakan Condor Intamin AG Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert 2005
Tomahawk CCI Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert 1997
Tami-Tami Vekoma Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert 1998
El Diablo Arrow Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert 1995
Tutuki Splash Intamin AG Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert 1995
Silver River Flume Intamin AG Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert Шаблон:Convert 1995
Grand Canyon Rapids Intamin AG Шаблон:Convert - Шаблон:Convert 1995
Ferrocarril Tour * Шаблон:Convert - Шаблон:Convert 1995

Seasonal Events

During seasonal events like Christmas and Halloween, PortAventura opens seasonal walkaround rides or shows, including the mazes: Psycho Circus, Horror in Penitence, La Mina del Diablo and La Selva del Miedo

- La Mina del Diablo is a horror maze situated in the area of Mexico since 2006. Enter in a forbidden mine in Mexico.

- La Selva del Miedo is the largest maze in Europe. The area Polynesia close at 19:00 to accommodate this event.

- Horror in Penitence is the home of terrifying zombies. This walk is themed on a ghost town.

- Psycho circus is 3-D maze under Stampida. This walk is based on a circus.


PortAventura is one of the largest theme resort in Europe and has a master plan that will make possibly one of the largest tourist attractions in Europe. The park is followed by hotels, water parks, golf courses, beach clubs ... to fill the approximately 825 hectares of land owned by the park.

The first stage (1999-2004) brought the two attractions like The Universal Temple of Fire (2001) and Sea Odyssey (2000), three themed hotels like the PortAventura HOtel(2002), El Paso Hotel(2002), Caribbean Hotel (2003), and the acuatic park Costa Caribe (2002).

The second stage is subdivided in 2005-2011 and 2012-2013, including new attractions such as the ones already installed Huracan Condor (2005), Furius Baco (June 2007) or the beach club (2006), also extending the PortAventura Park with a new theme area, expanding the Costa Caribe water park, a convention center (2009), residential areas, 3 golf courses (2008 and 2009), a sports area, a leisure center, hotels and a third theme park.

The investment is around 1,500 million euros and will involve 18,500 employees. La Caixa made a fusion of 4 who went to their companies manage the expansion plan. In this way, PortAventura of capital rose from 126 to 175 million euros.

It has officially announced the construction of "CityWalk (shopping and leisure) PortAventura. Port Aventura is known as the Village. The new shopping and leisure center will be 9.5 ha (three times Caribe Aquatic Park). Will be on the grounds of the resort of PortAventura from the railway station and the parking of the Hotel PortAventura, the spaces in the master plan and classified Boulevard LA. Will respect and maintain the image, architecture and operations typical of the leisure park will be located.

This new space will offer visitors and residents of the complex near the area, 5 ha for leisure, shopping and restaurants plus a further 5 ha for 2,000 parking spaces, green spaces and Multiadventures. Worth about 185 million euros is expected to open in 2010, when the park plans to open all year, and continue with several projects which are currently underway, such as golf courses, the convention center, hotel and the new Gold River (currently under construction and is expected opening in 2009. The hotel offers the possibility of living in a village of the American gold rush.

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Luis Castro
9 August 2015
One of the best theme parts I have been. I have visited almost all the parks in Orlando, FL and this one gives a really good taste of those. Even exceeds in the rides department. It's a great place.
Josef Nsiri
23 August 2016
I recommend that you take a max gold pass. You'll be in the first row in the top 3 games and you won't have to wait much on the line for 7 other games. It's an amazing world and an extreme sensation
Tero Angeria
19 April 2015
Superb rides. 27 € for Express queue is well worth spending, if you really like the rides. Nice different themes in different parts. We were here in April, which was great as the park was not too busy
Roman Gudkov
29 September 2017
Absolutely must see! Take tickets for two days: first day, have a walk, see around, note what you liked the most, on a second day buy express pas and take a ride on all attractions without line!
Olga Vishnevskaya ????
26 July 2017
Encourage you to try Shambala, it's not that scary, you will definitely enjoy the ride ????
No More Halos
1 October 2015
Rocks!!! Must visit if you're in Barcelona! Book your ticket both for the train (Rodalies) and the park for 45€! Worth every single euro!! Try Dragon Khan, Furius and Shambala rollercoasters!
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