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Miss Freedom

Sculptures in Atlanta
Miss Freedom
Miss Freedom — © Larissa Maia / 500px
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Miss Freedom, originally christened as Goddess of Liberty, is the name of the statue adorning the dome of the Georgia State Capitol since 1889. Commissioned in 1884, the hollow copper statue is painted white, weighs over 1600 lbs and is over 26 feet tall. She was sculpted with a torch in her right hand and a sword in her left. The torch is a functioning Mercury vapor lamp, casting a blue-green light at night.Torch in right hand was supposed to be a working light continuously , but it remained dark until it was reconstructed in 1959.Tube and trolley systems installed so the bulb can be changed from the inside.

History of Building

There were two different capitol locations before the final and current location. The current capitol building resides in the city of Atlanta. Construction of the Atlanta capitol started on November 13, 1884. The building took four and a half years and 250 men to complete. The statue of Miss Freedom was installed in 1888. Completion, and opening of the building, took place on March 20, 1889.

Origin of Statue

Origin of statue is vague because all original documents belong to the history of building is burned,but we know that it originally came from a company named Edbrooke & Burnham Salem,Ohio .Design submitted for the Georgia State Capitol in 1883. There are no written records of where the statue came from. The original name of the statue is also unknown. The current name, Miss Freedom, came from recent decades. Previous names found were Liberty and Goddess of Liberty.

Symbolism of Statue

Miss Freedom, also named Goddess of Liberty, is an icon of the American Liberty. Miss Freedom was placed to represent freedom and liberty, based upon Greek and Roman personifications of liberty. Statues representing freedom and liberty were important symbols, especially after the American Civil War. The US Capitol Building also has a "Miss Liberty" Statue, known as the Statue of Freedom. Georgia's Miss Freedom was not the only statehouse with a "Goddess of Liberty" at the top. There are also many states that have similar statutes to Miss Freedom on the top of their Capitol. The Texas State Capitol also has a Goddess of Freedom representation, dating from February 1888. Some depictions of the Goddess of Liberty and Freedom were a Republican symbol, the party of Abraham Lincoln, and came to stand for the Union.

Miss Freedom represents all those who died defending Liberty and freedom. Miss Freedom wears a Grecian draped robe. She holds a torch in her right hand and a sword in her left hand.Torch in her right hand also represents the guidance to a higher state and people who lost their lives in order to gain freedom. The light represents truth and enlightenment, while the sword symbolizes the fight of people who seek liberty. Also, the sword in her left-hand shows that people are ready to fight in defense of freedom.

The statute wears a Phrygian cap, or pileus, adorned with a star. Phrygian caps were placed on the shaved heads of freed slaves in Ancient Greece. As a result, the cap wore by Miss Freedom represents the freedom of American Slaves released after the Emancipation Proclamation.

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