Marineland is a themed amusement and animal exhibition park in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Owing to its proximity to the falls and other natural park areas and its blend of animal attractions and rides, it is one of the main tourist destinations in Niagara Falls, Canada.<ref>{{cite web


The park first opened in 1961 as "Niagara Game Farm", without any of the current marine attractions or rides. The original Niagara Game Farm was essentially a small zoo, a large part of which was a petting zoo. Within a few years, the marine attractions were added, and the park's name was changed to "Niagara Marineland And Game Farm", and by 1966 it was officially just "Marineland And Game Farm". In the 1970s Kandu(2) the killer whale became the park's major attraction, the "And Game Farm" part of the name was dropped. It was also around this time that the park began adding rides such as Dragon Mountain to encourage teenagers and younger visitors.


Their park's slogan for many years has been "Everyone Loves Marineland". An earlier slogan was "Happiness is Marineland." During the summer months they run commercials in Ontario, Quebec, Pennsylvania, and Western New York television stations featuring a jingle that highlights the features of the park, with new verses added for new attractions every year. The park's mascot is known as King Waldorf, a walrus dressed like a king. The park also runs a campground named after him.. Some versions of the jingle have been sung by Suzie McNeil.

Operating season

Marineland is generally open from the Victoria Day weekend through to Canadian Thanksgiving weekend in October. Rides operate until nightfall.


  • Locker, stroller and wheelchair rentals.
  • Allows picnicking and has a corporate area for picnics.
  • Offers live musical entertainment with Polka Legend Walter Ostanek performing daily during the peak season.

Animal exhibits

  • Friendship Cove: The world's largest whale habitat for viewing orcas above ground and below. Up until the 2006 season, guests were able to pet and feed the killer whales. 'Splash Sessions' have now replaced the interactive sessions in response to guest feedback. The 'Splash Sessions' include the whales jumping and splashing the guests around the walls of the pool. Friendship Cove currently holds two orcas after the death of Athena, a four year-old orca during spring 2009 : Kiska (female, approx. 33 years) and Ikaika (male, 6 yrs). Upon the 2009 opening season, 10 belugas (Rain, Rose, Meeka, Burnaby, Horus, Tuk, Tofino, Charmin, Peekachu, and Osiris) from Arctic Cove have been moved into Friendship Cove.
  • Arctic Cove: Opened in 2004, features beluga whales, it is much like Friendship Cove allowing guests to view belugas above and below ground. Guests also have the opportunity to pet and feed the beluga whales for a small fee. These interaction sessions occur throughout the day. Marineland currently holds 35 beluga whales in their exhibit both wild and captive born whales. Current female beluga whales include: Jubilee, Xena, Eve, Isis, Osiris, Kelowna, Sierra, Peekachu, Skyla, Charmin, Peanut, Oceanna, Caspian, Gemini, Sasha, Cleopatra, Jellybean, Rain, Acadia, Aurora, Talia, Secord, Lillooet, Rose and Meeka. Males: Orion, Burnaby, Tuk, Andre, Beyli, Tofino, Horus and Kodiak. In December 2008, Marineland purchased 8 female beluga whales from a Russian beluga aquarium in the Black Sea. Recent births include three female calves all born in the month of July, 2009.
  • King Waldorf Stadium: The site of the show, the stadium previously held the killer whales but hasn't since Neocia's death in 2004. The stadium consists of a large show pool and two small holding pools, and is currently home to 5 performing bottlenose dolphins: Tsunami, Sonar, Marina, Echo and Lida.
  • Bears: an area featuring black bears sits below a viewing deck, where visitors can throw Corn Pops cereal (originally marshmallows) to them.
  • Fallow deer: The deer are in a fenced in area which allow people to move about freely, food is provided for a fee.
  • Fish: An area in which carp and koi gather around "deck bridges", allowing easy viewing and feeding (for a fee),
  • Elk and Buffalo: allow for easy viewing of these creatures grazing. Feeding also available for a fee.
  • The King Waldorf Stadium Show and The Aquarium Dome: shows featuring mainly seals, walrus and bottlenose dolphins.The King Waldorf Stadium Show includes Dolphins jumping in the air and Sea Lions with their comedy. The Aquarium Dome show mainly features training of the sea lions.

Rides and attractions

  • Dragon Mountain Roller Coaster: an Arrow roller coaster which opened as the world's largest (not longest) non-stop roller coaster (covering 30 acres). It features tunnels that lead to the queue area, has two consecutive vertical loops and the only bowtie loop of its kind in the world.
  • Sky Hawk: a spinning ride which also moves vertically up and down. Features one- or two-person cages without restricting belts or harnesses.
  • Wave Swinger: a swing ride with a moving top that allows the swings to move up and down. The first adult ride the park ever had.
  • Tivoli Coaster: children's roller coaster, features a lady bug cart.
  • Tivoli Wheel: a "hanging" ferris wheel.
  • Magic: a spinning ride located near the bear area; features statues of bears on the ride.
  • Kandu's Twister: a "teacup" style ride that features orcas on the sides of the cups.
  • Space Avenger: a spinning ride that features a control panel in the cages allowing the rider to move vertically up and down.
  • Dragon Boats: a simple carousel with a Viking boat theme.
  • Flying Dragon a ride that offers thrills for a lot of ages, goes up into the air then falls back down without inversion.
  • Sky Screamer: Opened in 2004 and claims to be the world's highest triple tower ride (91.4 meters or 300 feet). It is situated on a 150 foot tall hill, making the total height of the ride 450 feet (or 137 metres), which affords the rider an impressive view of the city and the falls. It is a recognizable landmark with the Marineland logo at the top clearly visible at night. Ascending riders experience 4G's, while descending riders experience a -2G's.
  • Topple Tower: Opened in 2008 this ride has a circular gondola where the passengers sit, is elevated into the air and then starts spinning, and the tower rocks back and forth on a 60 degree angle, giving it a 30 degree angle with the ground, and its scenery features a walrus on top of the tower.
  • Viking Adventure: Opened in 2006, it is a small sized Viking boat ride that operates on a track to rock passengers back and forth and spin them around.
  • Orca Screamer: Opened in 2005, this is a miniature, child size one-tower version of the famous Sky Screamer.
  • Bumble Bee: Opened in 2005, this brightly coloured children's ride allows parents and children to sit in a car together a be elevated and spun around.

Animal deaths

In December 1999 a recently imported beluga whale from Russia died. The whale was one of nine which had just been imported from Russia.

In March 2000 another whale died, this time it was a three year old orca named Malik. Malik died due to a deficient immune system.

In January 2008 Nootka, the matriarch killer whale died. She was in captivity for 26 years.

Since the park opened and the marine animal attractions were added, there have been 16 marine animal deaths.

Also in 2001, Member of Parliament Libby Davies tabled a private member's bill which aimed to ban the live-capture and trade of whales and dolphins. . The bill was in response to increasing number of marine animal deaths that had been occurring at the park. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans commissioned a scientific study, but Minister Herb Dhaliwal chose not to act on any of the recommendations.

Athena, a 4-year old orca died in the spring of 2009.

Marineland's future

Marineland has plans for a 20-acre aquarium complex featuring a shark exhibit, dolphin habitat, ocean reef and freshwater fish. A five-kilometre boat ride on a man-made river and a five-kilometre wilderness steam locomotive train ride are also planned. On these rides, wild animals will be viewed in expansive natural settings.

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25 August 2011
Amazing! The food was expensive if you can i'd suggest bringing a picnic! For the price you pay to get in - you get your money's worth! Feeding and Petting the belugas was amazing! Expensive tho.
Omar El-Mohri
8 August 2014
Place for everybody .. Even 3- year old child will find lot of fun games
Duygu Ozen
5 December 2016
It is really heartbreaking to see the mamals in little pools. Shouldn't have gone!
✨ Kimberlyn
19 September 2013
The rides are awesome and the dolphins are so cute :)
2 December 2012
Please don't buy a ticket. Don't support captivity and the especially cruel conditions here. 16 whales and countless land animals have died here. There is NOTHING happy about this place.
Philippe K
16 August 2011
Ils auraient pu mieux indiquer le chemin depuis Niagara. Un espace nature. Il faut le voir!
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