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Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape

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The Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape (also Lednice-Valtice Area or Lednice-Valtice Complex, Czech: Lednicko-valtický areál) is a cultural-natural complex of 283,09 km² in the Czech Republic, South Moravian Region, close to Břeclav and Mikulov, next to another site registered by UNESCO - Pálava Landscape Protected Area.

History and description

During the 18th and 19th centuries the area was transformed by local manor lordship - the House of Liechtenstein - into some large landscape park with two centres:

These two localities are connected by so called Bezruč Avenue (from 1715). There are also one more village - Hlohovec. Between Lednice, Valtice and Hlohovec the Lednice Ponds (Lednické rybníky) are situated (Mlýnský, Prostřední, Hlohovecký and Nesyt Ponds). A substantial part of the complex is covered with the Pine wood (Boří les) and partially with a riparian forest adjacent to the River Dyje.

Except for above mentioned, there are a lot of bigger or smaller pavilions scattered throughout the whole complex (they often served as hunting lodges):

  • Rajsna (German: Reistna, The Colonnade)
    - a Classicist colonnade on the top of a hill ridge above Valtice (like a gloriette) from 1810s-1820s
  • Belvedere
  • Rendezvous (or Temple of Diana)
    - a hunting lodge in a form of a Classicist arch from 1810s
  • St Hubert Chapel (Kaple svatého Huberta)
    - a Neo-Gothic column structure from 1850s dedicated to the patron saint of hunters, situated in the Pine wood
  • Border House (Hraniční zámeček)
    - a Classicist chateau built in 1820s directly on the former (until 1920) bordline between Lower Austria and Moravia
  • Temple of the Three Graces (Tři Grácie)
    - a semicircle gallery with allegorical statues of Sciences and Muses and a statue of the Three Graces from 1820s
  • Pond House (Rybniční zámeček)
    - ashore of one of the Lednice Ponds
  • Nový dvůr (German: Neuhof, New Farm) - a Classicist farm finished in 1809, originally used for sheep husbandry, nowadays for horse breeding
  • Apollo Temple (Apollónův chrám)
    - a Classicist hunting lodge from 1810s, ashore of one of the Lednice Ponds
  • Hunting Lodge (Lovecký zámeček)
    - a Classicist house from 1806
  • John's Castle (Janohrad)
    - a Neo-Gothic "artificial ruins" (Czech: umělá zřícenina, German: künstliche Ruine) in style of a castle, finished in 1810
  • Minaret
    - a Moorish Revival structure (62 m high) in the Lednice Castle garden (finished in 1804), it serves as an observation tower
  • Obelisk
    - erected in memory of the peace treaty of Campo Formio (1798)
  • Pohansko
    - an Empire-style hunting lodge finished after 1812, it houses an exhibition of Břeclav Town Museum:
    close to the lodge there are both an important archaeological site of Great Moravian remains and reconstructed parts of the Czechoslovak border fortifications
  • Lány
    - an Empire-style hunting lodge from the beginning of the 19th century




  • Kordiovský, Emil - Klanicová Evženie (eds.), Město Břeclav, Muzejní a vlastivědná společnost, Brno (2001).
  • Památkový ústav v Brně: text on the reverse of a tourist map, Shocart, Zlín (1998).

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Paige 008
2 July 2017
Lovely gardens,possitive energy. Great for walking and breathing fresh air and energy from flowers.
johnny kreveta
9 March 2014
just amazing place,must see..enjoy sunny day in marvelous gardens and park.
Petr Dosoudil
13 December 2015
Beautiful castle garden, little bit scary at night, but also romantic and full of adventure. And it's so huge, you can easily lost there.
Denise S
19 August 2019
Lovely gardens to visit during summertime
Marek Oblezar
23 July 2015
Very good place, with homemade limonade and cakes
Анна В.
13 August 2015
Стоит спокойно и неспешно пройтись по парку, полюбоваться цветами и аккуратно постриженным газоном. Наслаждения добавляет тот факт, что в парке не так много туристов. Нет лишнего шума.
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