Khartoum International Airport

Khartoum International Airport Шаблон:Airport codes is an airport in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

The current facility will be replaced with a new airport 40 kilometers south of the centre of Khartoum. This is planned to have two 4000 metre runways, a passenger terminal of 86,000 square metres and a 300-room international hotel. Construction is to be carried out by China Harbour Engineering Co. (CHEC).

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Accidents and incidents

  • On 27 August 1952, Vickers Viscount G-AHRF operated by the Ministry of Supply was damaged beyond economic repair when its starboard undercarriage collapsed on landing.
  • On 19 July 1983, Douglas C-47A N480F of Chevron Oil crashed shortly after take-off from Khartoum International Airport on a non-scheduled passenger flight. Both engines had failed, probably due to contaminated fuel. All 27 people on board survived.
  • Sudan Airways Flight 109: On 10 June 2008, an aircraft operating from Amman, Jordan, landed and went off the end of the runway. The right engine then caught fire and the fire spread rapidly. Preliminary reports stated that around 100 of the 200 passengers had been killed but this was revised to 28 dead, 123 survivors and 53 unaccounted for.
  • On 30 June 2008, an Ilyushin Il-76 exploded into a fireball on take-off. All 4 crew were killed.



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4 March 2012
Tip each portwe SDG 10 only. No more than that unless that guy really really helpful to you. They are just trying to make a living.
Abdu Alamin
13 August 2014
It's really the worst airport ever. Nevertheless, the departure hall is my favorite place in Sudan because when I am there it's leaving time. :-D
Rory C
14 February 2017
The second tea shop has been replaced by another gate. And no facilities past the second security control.
Asim S
6 September 2014
Check with passport control if you need to register your passport with authorities. It will cost you around 450 SDG.
17 November 2018
Very easy airport to taxi in and still they send you a follow me car ????
15 January 2015
The happiest place in Sudan. ✈️
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