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Inuyama CastleШаблон:Nihongo is located in the city of Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The castle overlooks the Kiso River, which serves as the border between Aichi and Gifu prefectures. Inuyama Castle is one of the 12 castles still in existence in Japan that were built before the Edo period.


Inuyama Castle is often claimed as the oldest castle in Japan, with original construction being done in 1440. According to Engishiki (a Heian Period-book), Harigane Shrine (a Shinto shrine) was moved to make way for the castle. That structure has been heavily augmented over time, and the current towers were completed in 1537, by Oda Nobuyasu, Oda Nobunaga's uncle.

The castle was the center of power for the Naruse clan, retainers of the Matsudaira clan. Inuyama Castle was unique in Japan in that it was privately owned and has national treasure status. However, it was seized by the Japanese government as part of the Meiji Restoration. In 1891, the castle was damaged in an earthquake and it was returned to the Naruse family in 1895, on they condition that they repair and maintain it. The castle was recently sold to the city of Inuyama, and is in the process of being turned over to the Aichi Prefectural government.

It was long believed that the donjon of Inuyama Castle was moved to the castle from Kanayama Castle in 1599, until such theory was disapproved as a result of examination through a large scale restoration work, involving the dismantling of the donjon, carried out between 1961 and 1965.

Castle Rulers

The rulers of Inuyama Castle are listed below in order with their dates of reign in parentheses. There were no castle rulers from 1612–1671 and 1869–1895.

  • Pre-Naruse clan
  1. Oda Nobuyasu (1537–1547)
  2. Oda Nobuyuki (1547–1564)
  3. Ikeda Nobuteru (1570–1581)
  4. Oda Nobufusa (1581–1582)
  5. Nakagawa Sadanari (1582–1584)
  6. Ikeda Nobuteru (1584)
  7. Katō Yasukage (1584, proxy ruler)
  8. Takeda Kiyotoshi (1584–1587, proxy ruler)
  9. Hijikata Katsuyoshi (1587–1590, proxy ruler)
  10. Nagao Yoshifusa (1590–1592, proxy ruler)
  11. Miwa Gorōemon (1592–1595)
  12. Ishikawa Mitsuyoshi (1595–1600)
  13. Ogasawara Yoshitsugu (1601–1607)
  14. Hiraiwa Chikayoshi (1607–1612)
  • Naruse clan
  1. Naruse Masanari (1617–1612)
  2. Naruse Masatora (1625–1659)
  3. Naruse Masachika (1659–1703)
  4. Naruse Masayuki (1703–1732)
  5. Naruse Masamoto (1732–1768)
  6. Naruse Masanori (1768–1809)
  7. Naruse Masanaga (1809–1838)
  8. Naruse Masazumi (1838–1857)
  9. Naruse Masamitsu (1857–1869, 1895–1903)
  10. Naruse Masao (1903–1949)
  11. Naruse Masakatsu (1949–1973)
  12. Naruse Masatoshi (1973–2004)

Related exhibits

Entry into Inuyama Castle also allows visitors to enter into the Inuyama Artifacts Museum (犬山市文化史料館 Inuyama-shi Bunka Shiryō-kan) and the Karakuri Exhibition Room (からくり展示館 Karakuri Tenjikan). Both of the exhibitions focus on cultural and historical artifacts of the city.




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torontoviewer Margaret
29 March 2013
Unbelievably steep original stairs: tricky for me but the 90 yr olds around me had no problems. Beautiful during sakura. Interesting temple/shrines next door. Lovely Kiso river at the base/west side.
D Ang
4 October 2014
Beautiful scenery up at the top of the castle if you can conquer the steep staircases.
1 June 2014
別名は白帝城で、木曽川沿いの高さ約88メートルほどの丘にある平山城。織田信長の叔父・織田信康が天文6年 (1537年) 木之下城を移して築城したのが始まり。元和3年 (1617年) 尾張藩家老成瀬氏の居城となる。現存の天守閣は日本最古のもので国宝。江戸時代までに建造された【現存天守12城】のひとつであり、天守が国宝指定された4城のうちの一つ (他は姫路城・松本城・彦根城)。日本100名城にも選定。
28 August 2013
室町時代 の1537年に建てられた犬山城の天守は現存する日本最古の様式です。 木曽川のほとりの小高い山の上に建てられた 天守閣からの眺めはまさに絶景!!! 周辺には犬山城下町の古い町並みや、多くの観光施設があり、 歴史の荒波を感じることができます(*^_^*)
Massara Nati …
17 September 2013
【国宝】登録名称は「犬山城天守」…室町時代 の1537年に建てられ、 天守は現存する日本最古の様式です。 木曽川のほとりの小高い山の上に建てられた 天守閣からの眺めはまさに絶景。 明治4年(1871)廃藩置県で愛知県の所有となり、天守以外のほとんどの建物が取り壊されてしまったのは非常に残念。。。
12 December 2014
国宝犬山城入場料金は大人¥500、小中学生¥100。 支払は交通系ICカード利用できます。多くのお城は天守閣に入って上る際に料金が必要になりますが、ここは城郭敷地内への入場料のみで、天守閣へは自由に上ることができます。
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Japan, 〒484-0081 Aichi-ken, Inuyama-shi, Inuyama, Kitakoken−65−2 犬山城

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