Hawk Hill (California)

Hawk Hill is a Шаблон:Convert peak in the Marin Headlands, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge and across the Golden Gate strait from San Francisco, California. The hill is within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

It is the lookout point for the largest known flight of diurnal raptors in the Pacific states. Each autumn, from August into December, tens of thousands of hawks, kites, falcons, eagles, vultures, osprey, and harriers are funneled by the peninsular shape of Marin County into the headlands. Hawks avoid flight over water since warm thermals that provide lift are rare. Abundant populations of small mammals protected by the park are one resource that helps maintain the large number of visiting raptors in the Headlands during the fall, but the strong onshore winds hitting the hills of the Headlands provide cold updrafts and hot late summer days provide warm thermals that allow these birds to fly more efficiently.

Volunteers with the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory count and track this fall migration using bird-banding and radio-tracking techniques, all in cooperation with the National Park Service.

Raptor observations

The following table lists the annual average number of sightings by the GGRO in the Marin Headlands during autumn, for the years 2001-2009.

Raptor species Sightings per year
Turkey vulture 9,179
Osprey 105
White-tailed kite 92
Mississippi kite < 1
Bald eagle 5
Northern harrier 751
Sharp-shinned hawk 4,187
Cooper's hawk 2,427
Northern goshawk 1
Red-shouldered hawk 464
Broad-winged hawk 123
Swainson's hawk 6
Red-tailed hawk 9,427
Ferruginous hawk 22
Rough-legged hawk 7
Golden eagle 20
American kestrel 542
Merlin 171
Peregrine falcon 199
Prairie falcon 8
Unidentified 1,291
TOTAL 29,028

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Vivian Wong
31 January 2016
Biking up here before the #sunrise is a definite treat. Some days you can watch the #fog roll onto San Francisco. It's #beautiful
Edward Homick
3 August 2012
This is one of the best hidden gems in the entire bay area. Amazing lookout at the top of the entire city skyline and the golden gate bridge. Still one of my favorite scenic places in the SF area
Fodor's Travel
21 August 2015
Visit Hawk Hill on a clear day in the early afternoon and bring along a picnic lunch (park your car facing the view and enjoy), a windbreaker, and binoculars.
Ben Stott
17 May 2014
I can confirm it is indeed a hill and there are in fact, hawks. Best experienced by bike.
Pavan Kulkarni
24 April 2017
One of the best views of the golden gate. To get here take the immediate next exit after the golden gate vista point exit and make a left.
Adam Debreczeni
11 January 2014
Great view of San Francisco and the bay. Go early on a weekday to miss all the tourists and traffic. And, watch out for cyclists!
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