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Hansa-Park is a seasonal amusement park in Sierksdorf (Schleswig-Holstein) off the Baltic Sea. It was opened on May 15, 1977 under the name Hansaland and renamed Hansa-Park in 1987. It currently spans 113 acres (0.46 km2) and includes more than 125 attractions. From 1973 to 1976, the site was home to the first German Legoland.

The park is owned by the Leicht family and managed by Christoph Andreas Leicht. The park attracts more than a million visitors each year, making it the fifth largest German amusement park. Stern magazine, in collaboration with the BAT Freizeit-Forschungsinstitut (Leisure Research Institute) tested the ten leading German amusement parks. Hansa-Park scored second place behind Europa-Park overall and first place in the north. The "Family Park on the Sea" was the first German amusement park to receive the "OK for Kids" seal of approval from the Deutschen Kinderschutzbund (the German Association for the Protection of Children) and TÜV Nord (Technical Inspection Association, North) for the whole park.

The grounds are divided into eleven different themed areas, including Alter Jahrmarkt (Medieval Fair), Westernstadt (Western Town), Mexiko (Mexico), Piratenland (Pirate Land) and Abenteuerland (Adventure Land). Each of these areas contains rides and shows consistent with its theme. The park's special charm lies in its careful and detailed use of theming, with many little gags positioned along the way to the large attractions.


  • swing carousel: Torre del mar (73 m)
  • drop tower: Monte-Zuma (50 m)
  • water rides: Barracuda Slide, Super-Splash, Wildwasserbahn ("Log Flume"), Rio Dorado, Sturmfahrt der Drachenboote ("Stormy Trip on the Dragon Boat")
  • roller coasters: Nessie (looping roller coaster), Crazy-Mine (Wild Mouse roller coaster), Rasender Roland ("Rushing Roland"), El Paso Express. Coming in 2009: Fluch von Novgorod ("Curse of Novgorod"), a new large "Kataplektor" roller coaster with at least one inversion.
  • Space Race, Fliegender Holländer ("Flying Dutchman", a pirate ship), Fliegender Hai ("Flying Shark"), Sturmvogel ("Petrel"), Wellenreiter ("Surfer"), Koggenfahrt ("Cog Trip"), Hansekarussell ("Hansa Carousel"). New in 2008: Die Glocke ("The Bell"), extended Navajo-Trail, higher and longer Skytrail Europas ("European Skytrail")
  • panorama rides: Holsteinturm (100 m), Parkeisenbahn (train ride), Blumenmeer-Bootsfahrt ("Trip Down a Flowery Sea"), Russische Schaukel ("Russian Swing", a historic Ferris wheel)
  • various children's rides, e.g. Safari-Jeeps, Kettenflieger, La Torre Rapida (mini drop tower), Miniautoscooter ("Mini-Bumper Cars"), Pony-Post (electric pony ride), and Dr. Livingstones Safari-Flug ("Dr. Livingstone's Safari Flight")
  • Die Hanse ("The Hansa"): A themed world will soon be built based on the Hansa. The first stage of construction ended with the completion of the Holstentor ("Holsten Gate") as the entrance in 2008. The gate was unveiled on April 26 at 4:00 P.M. in a grand ceremony by Peter Harry Carstensen.

List of rides

Roller coasters

Name Safety Restrictions Type Max. Height Length Max. Speed Manufacturer Opened Duration Park Section
Nessie at least 10 years old or w/adult, must be under 1.95 m tall steel roller coaster 26 m 840 m 90 km/h Schwarzkopf 1980 2:10 min Nervenkitzel
Rasender Roland at least 10 years old or w/adult steel roller coaster 16 m 522 m 50 km/h Vekoma 1993 1:10 min Nervenkitzel
Crazy Mine at least 9 years old and 1.10 m tall steel roller coaster 13 m 370 m 45 km/h Maurer Söhne 1997 1:10 min Abenteuerland
Fluch von Novgorod at least 1.25 m tall steel roller coaster 40 m 100 km/h Gerstlauer 2009 1:50 min Hanse in Europa

Water rides

Name Safety Restrictions Type Max. Height Length Manufacturer Opened Duration Park Section
Wildwasserbahn at least 10 years old or w/adult log flume 15 m - Mack/Arrow 1977 - Holzfällerlager
Super Splash at least 10 years old or w/adult log flume 20 m - Intamin 1986 - Wasserspaß
Rio Dorado at least 10 years old or w/adult raft water slide 20,4 m 213 m White Water West 2000 - Mexiko
Sturmfahrt der Drachenboote at least 2 years old, adult required if under 6 mini log flume 7 m 160 m L&T Systems 2007 - Piratenland
Barracuda-Slide at least 8 years old and 25 kg or w/adult raft water slide 12 m - van Egdom 1998 - Piratenland

Other rides

Name Safety Restrictions Type Max. Height Manufacturer Opened Duration Park Section
Blumenmeer-Bootsfahrt - boat ride - Mack Rides 1977 - Alter Jahrmarkt
Die Glocke at least 8 years old and 1.25 m tall pendulum ride 28 m Funtime 2008 - Mexiko
Dr. Livingstones Safari-Flug 5-10 years old children's airplane ride - - 2005 - Alter Jahrmarkt
El Paso Express at least 12 years old Superbob 10 m BHS 1989 - Mexiko
Fliegender Hai at least 8 years old and 1.40 m tall Looping Starship 26 m Huss 1991 - Abenteuerland
Fliegender Holländer at least 8 years old pirate ship 20 m Huss 1981 - Alter Jahrmarkt
Fly Willy at least 1.10 m tall flying spinning whale ride 6 m Huss 1998 - Piratenland
Hanse-Karussell - carousel - Bertazzon 2004 - Eingang
Hansa-Park-Express - train ride - - 1977 - Eingang, Holzfällerlager, Bonanza-City, Abenteuerland, Piratenland
Holstein-Turm - gyro tower 100 m Huss 1988 - Hansa-Garten
Indian River at least 4 years old children's boat ride - - 2001 - Abenteuerland
Kettenkarussel - children's swing carousel - - - - Alter Jahrmarkt
Koggenfahrt at least 8 years old spinning ship ride - Mack Rides 1977> - Alter Jahrmarkt
La Torre Rapida at least 1.05 m tall mini drop tower 7,5 m Zamperla 2002 - Mexiko
Monte-Zuma at least 10 years old, 1.40 m - 1.95 m tall drop tower 50 m Maurer Söhne 2000 - Mexiko
Miniautoscooter up to 1.35 m tall mini bumper cars - Bertazzon, Mack 2002 - Kinderland
Navajo-Trail at least 6 years old, 1.10 m - 2.10 m tall above-ground footpath 7-10 m Faszinatour 2006, 2008 erweitert - Abenteuerland
Niedrigseilgarten at least 3 years old playground - Ziegler Freizeitanlagen 2009 - ?
Pony Post 4-12 years old, at least 1.10 m tall electric pony ride - Metallbau Emmeln 2001 - Abenteuerland
Pow-Wow at least 8 years old Teacups - Zamperla 1995 - Abenteuerland
Russische Schaukel at least 6 years old historic Ferris wheel - Werner Robrahn 1990 - Alter Jahrmarkt
Safari-Jeeps 4-12 years old car ride - - - - Alter Jahrmarkt
Space Scooter at least 10 years old bumper cars - Bertazzon, Mack 2002 - Nervenkitzel
Sturmvogel at least 8 years old pendulum ride 18 m Schwarzkopf 1991 - Abenteuerland
Torre del Mar at least 6 years old swing carousel 70 m Funtime 2005 - Mexiko
Wellenreiter at least 8 years old Troika - Huss 1978 - Nervenkitzel
Wikinger-Bootsfahrt at least 1.10 m tall children's boat ride - Mack 1998 - Piratenland

Shows and Events

  • a variety show
  • a water circus with "John Burke's Sea Lion Show"
  • a children's theater with a parrot sho
  • an open-air theater ("Women of Steel", "Die Kindershow, die aus dem Rahmen fällt" ("The Unconventional Kids' Show") and "Comedy Magic Show")
  • 4D Movies
  • a laser light show
  • a big parade
  • an evening parade at the end of the season

Every year different celebrations and other events take place, spread throughout the season. Among the events that occur every year are the Osterhasenfestival ("Easter Hare Festival") and Osterblütenfestival ("Easter Flower Festival"), and the Sommerblütenfestival ("Summer Flower Festival") a.k.a. the "Fall Magic on the Sea."

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30 August 2013
Supernette Mitarbeiter. Sehr schönes Ambiente. Sehr viel Grün. Viel besser als Phantasialand. Und das Meer.
Thorsten Sterk
26 July 2012
Familienfreundlicher Freizeitpark mit vielfältigem Angebot. Die Beliebtheit garantiert langes Anstehen ;o)
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Bei den Methkaten 11, 23730 Sierksdorf, Germany

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