Europa-Park is the most popular theme park in Germany. Having over 4 million visitors in 2008, it is the most popular seasonal theme park in the world.[] Europa-Park is located in Rust, in the south-west of Germany between Freiburg and Strasbourg. It is usually open from just before Easter until the beginning of November (summer season) and from the start of December to the second week in January (winter season).

The park is split into fifteen different areas, mostly named after European countries or regions. The park mascot is a grey mouse named "Euromaus" although there are over a dozen other characters that "live" at the park.

Europa-Park is run by the Mack family which have produced vehicles since 1780, circus wagons since 1880 and rollercoasters since 1921. The park was opened in 1975 to act as a showcase for many of their different ride models - for example, the Wild Mouse roller coaster. The amusement ride company is now called MACK Rides. This explains why the park has two of their water coaster models (one a Super Splash model) and is home to the one-of-a-kind Euro-Mir. One of the few rides that goes against this rule is the relatively new Silver Star hyper coaster, designed by B&M of Switzerland. This is presumably because Mack doesn't yet offer a hyper coaster model, although they are now developing taller and faster rollercoasters.

The park is home to ten roller coasters, the oldest being the Alpenexpress Mine Train, where a powered coaster speeds through a diamond mine, complete with fire and smoke - and the newest coaster being Blue Fire which sees the trains navigate a short dark ride inside an Energy Research complex before being launched at 100kph through various twists, loops, tunnels and hills. The theme park is well respected world wide by enthusiasts for its commitment to keeping queue's short by running rides efficiently and dispatching trains without delay.

Along with the park and rides, Europa-Park is also a major resort. It boasts four hotels, a guest house, Tipi Village and campsite. The largest hotel is called Colosseo which includes a re-creation of a Roman colosseum.

Across the park, there are many shows performed on a daily basis, such as an Ice Show, a Gladiator Show, an Acrobatics Show in an Italianate Theatre and a fully re-created Globe Theatre, based on that of William Shakespeare. The Magic 4D Cinema also opens during the evening and shows current blockbusters.

Developments and the future

In 2007, the park introduced 'Terenzi Horror Nights' based on an idea by popstar Marc Terenzi and Michael Mack. The idea is to bring the American idea of Halloween to Germany. These returned in 2008, attracting double the number of guests. In 2009, the attraction further boosted visitor numbers and moved into the Greek area of the park.

Also in 2009 the park opened their first looping rollercoaster, and biggest ride investment to date. It is a prototype launched roller coaster named Blue Fire. Constructed by Mack Rides, it features 4 inversions as part of a 10-15 hectare extension to the park. The ride forms part of the Iceland themed area and features a short dark ride pre-launch section. The ride boasts a capacity of over 1,700 people per hour and features unique trains which allow very good body movement and comfort.

For 2010, the park has revealed plans for new developments located between Atlantica Super Splash and Blue Fire - within the Iceland area of the park. The park will open a Splash Battle from Mack rides, similar to Battle Galleons at Alton Towers in England. It will take on the theme of a fishing port and be named 'Whale Watching'. The park will also extend the smaller of the two Monorail attractions to the Icelandic area, complete with new themed station. GazProm will also sponsor Blue Fire for 2010, and a new exhibition hall will be built based on the theme of Energy to tie in with the 2009 rollercoaster. Further developments for 2010 include a Tipi Village extension, Portuguese theming improvements and new restaurants.

Beyond 2010, the park will construct a new hotel and further attractions, possibly to include a water park.


Panoramic image of Poseidon

Adventure Land

Essentially the area that comprises everything besides Europe.

  • Jungle Rafts
  • Mississippi Steamer
  • Dwarf City
  • Fairy Tale Alley




Children's World/Viking Land

  • Giant Slide Labyrinth
  • Viking Boat Ride
  • Viking Ship
  • Dino Merry-Go-Round - a carousel ride
  • Lighthouse


  • Elf Ride - A tow boat ride with a dark ride section
  • Vintage Cars - A car ride
  • Panorama Train - Also has stations in other areas
  • EP-Express - A monorail. Also has stations in Greece, Spain and Hotel Resort
  • Castle Pavilon
  • Magical Garden
  • Old 99


  • Euro-Mir - A one-of-a-kind, high-speed, Mack steel track spinning coaster, based around Russian Space Missions. The spinning is controlled and only happens during some parts of the ride. The ride features indoor dark-ride elements, back-to-back seating, an indoor spiral lifthill, a techno soundtrack, and one of the longest ride times of any roller coaster. The Mir space station training module is located above the outdoor queue for the ride.
  • Mir Space Station
  • Radio Telescope
  • Schlittenfahrt Schneeflockchen (Snowflake Ride) - a short dark ride through a Siberian landscape. The ride features a folklore theme and has been nicknamed "BENCH: The Ride" for its park bench style cars.


  • Ciao Bambini - A family dark ride, suitable for young children
  • Ghost Castle (Geisterschloss) - A spooky dark ride with inspiration from Disney's Haunted Mansion
  • Mack Exhibition - A gallery of Mack ride models and Europa Park's history
  • Electric Bird Theatre


  • EuroSat - Indoor coaster themed around space travel. Located inside a large geodesic sphere structure, similar to Spaceship Earth (Epcot) at Walt Disney World's Epcot. The ride itself is similar to Disney's Space Mountain, except that the train is made up of many more cars, and it features a spiral lift hill. The ride's techno soundtrack was composed by Stark Fader, with "In A Second Orbit" being the song that plays during the ride and "Sat Race" being the song in the gift shop.
  • Silver Star - Megacoaster and Europe's highest and third fastest roller coaster. Built by Bolliger and Mabillard of Switzerland. One of the few non-Mack rides featured at the park, presumably because Mack doesn't feature a hyper coaster model. The ride is sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. Within the ride's hall there is a coffee shop, a gift shop, and a small-size museum that features a full scale replica of a Mercedes-Benz Formula One car.
  • Puppet Boat Ride
  • Universe of Energy - a dinosaur themed dark ride
  • Euro-Tower - An observation tower
  • Magic Cinema 4D: Sammy's Great Adventure (changes at Halloween and Christmas)


  • Fjord-Rafting - A river rapids ride through caverns and waterfalls
  • Sunken City "Vineta" - A small walk-through indoor display
  • Vindjammer - A swinging ship ride
  • Rocking Bridge
  • Cable Ferry
  • Norwegian Stave Church
  • Andersen's Fairy Tale Tower
  • Fishing Village


  • Atlantica SuperSplash - High-speed water ride themed around Portuguese explorers. The boats are a higher capacity than Poseidon, and it doesn't feature any high speed turns as on Poseidon, but still has enough time on the coaster track that it can be considered a coaster.
  • Casa D'Aventura - An Indoor-Playground for Kids.
  • Atlantica-Shower - A wooden runway where the visitors can wait for the next boat of "Atlantica" plunging into the lake and soak them to the bones.
  • Santa Marian - A sailing ship which includes a bar


  • Columbus Dinghy - A Seastorm ride which travels backwards and forwards
  • Feria Swing - A spinning, high speed carousel ride.
  • Adventure Playground


  • Rocking Bridge and Chute
  • Pirates in Batavia - A tow boat, indoor dark ride featuring a drop and multiple effects.
  • Red Baron - A carousel ride
  • Peter Pan - A carousel ride
  • Monorail
  • Mini Scooter - A kiddie bumper car ride
  • Koffiekopjes - A spinning coffee cup ride
  • Bouncy House
  • Ball Pool
  • Windmill


  • Matterhorn Blitz - Wild mouse featuring the largest drop of any wild mouse in the world and a rocking vertical lift. Themed around a Swiss Farmhouse.
  • Swiss Bob Run - Bobsleigh coaster. One of the few ones of this model to feature a regular style drop. This was a Worlds First when it opened.
  • Jungfrau Gletscherflieger - A high speed spinning plane ride
  • Swiss Village & Parlours


  • Cassandra's Curse - A madhouse type indoor illusion ride
  • Pegasus - Family coaster themed around an archeological dig
  • Poseidon - High-speed water coaster with incredibly detailed theming, such as the Trojan Horse, and the station being located inside a Grecian temple.
  • Atlantis Adventure - Interactive dark ride
  • Greek Village Mykonos
  • The Flight of Ikarus - A balloon ride


  • Silverstone Race Track - A car ride
  • The British Carousel
  • Crazy Taxi - A demolition derby carousel ride
  • London Bus - A magic carpet ride
  • Arena of Football - A football exhibition, sports bar and Adidas shop
  • Soccer Scooter - Dodgems ride located in the Arena of Football


  • Alpenexpress - Rollercoaster which includes a trip inside the World of Diamonds (which can also be viewed by foot). Makes two trips through its relatively short course to form a complete run, or three on a quiet day
  • Silvretta Nova Wave Swinger - A Chairswing ride
  • Tirol Log Flume - A traditional log flume ride through the World of Diamonds
  • Magic World of Diamonds - A walk through attraction


  • Blue Fire - launched rollercoaster with several inversions, onboard sound, heartrate monitor and unique restraint system. Includes various headchopper effects and a dark ride section with a variety of special effects.
  • Icelandic Village


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