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Angels Landing

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Angels Landing, known earlier as the Temple of Aeolus, is a rock formation measuring around 1,208-foot (368 m) tall in Zion National Park in southern Utah. A trail, cut into solid rock in 1926, leads to the top of Angels Landing and provides a spectacular view of Zion Canyon.


The trail is 2.4 miles (3,900 m) long. It begins at the Grotto drop off point on the park's shuttle system. It roughly follows the path of the Virgin River for some time, slowly gaining elevation in sandy terrain. As the trail gets steeper and leaves behind the river, it becomes paved. After a series of steep switchbacks, the trail goes through the area between Angel's Landing and the Zion Canyon that is a gradual ascent. Walter's Wiggles, a series of 21 steep switchbacks, are the last hurdle before Scout's Lookout. Scout's Lookout is generally the turnaround point for those who are unwilling to make the final summit push to the top of Angel's Landing. The last half-mile of the trail is strenuous and littered with sharp drop offs and narrow paths. Chains to grip are provided for portions of the last half-mile to the top.

According to the National Park Service, "The route to Angels Landing involves travel along a steep, narrow ridge with support chains anchored intermittently along the route. Footing can be slippery even when the rock is dry. Unevenly surfaced steps are cut into the rock with major cliff dropoffs adjacent. Keep off when it is wet, icy or thunderstorms are in the area. Plan to be off before dark. Younger children should skip this trail; older children must be closely supervised.


A FAQ on Zion's National Park Website lists five fatalities from Angel's Landing (possibly excluding some in which foul play was suspected). However, according to, that webpage has listed five deaths on its FAQ since August 28, 2006 (days after the death of Bernadette Vandermeer). It is therefore unclear whether this number included her accident, and it does not reflect at least two later falls. Internet sources list some of the fatalities as:

  • November 2009: Tammy Grunig, 50, of Pocatello, Idaho
  • August 2009: Nancy Maltez, 55, of Glendora, California
  • June 2007: Barry Goldstein, 53, of St. Louis, Missouri
  • August 2006: Bernadette Vandermeer, 29, of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • June 2004: Kristoffer Jones, 14, of Long Beach, California
  • Jan 1997: John Christensen, 36, of Provo, Utah (fell from a technical climing route, not the trail)
  • April 1989: Jeffery Robert Dwyer, 28, of Sandpoint, Idaho
  • May 1987: Denver woman

It is at times reported that Patricia Bottarini, age 36, of Medford, New Jersey, died from a fall on the Angels Landing Trail in 1997. This is incorrect, as her fall was on the trail to Observation Point. Her husband was acquitted of federal charges related to her death in 2002.


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  • Great White Throne



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David R
16 April 2018
This is a tough and dangerous hike, but you will be rewarded with the views and memories of a lifetime. First hike I’ve been on that required the use of chains!
Sabarish Raghupathy
4 July 2016
Amazing hike! Start the hike before 7am to avoid heat and crowds. Takes about 4-5 hours depending on pace and stops.
Morgan S
19 March 2016
I'm prettified of heights and my friends convinced me to go for it. It was definitely a mental and physical challenge, but well worth it! Almost anyone can and should do this hike.
Todd Nugent
21 September 2015
You'll get a good work out to reach the top, so make sure to eat, hydrate & take magnesium/potassium. You will need water & a snack. So happy I did this!!
Abdullah H
23 August 2019
Amazing View, a little bit difficult to climb.. but it is so worth it.
Megan Denise
14 November 2013
The first 80% is paved but steep. The last part isn't really technically difficult, but scary if you aren't used to exposure. There are outhouses at the saddle. Conquer your fears & go all the way!
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