Photos of Broad Peak

Snow Geese and Mt Baker by wanderflechten

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the summit is over 2 miles elevation above where I am standing (near sea level)

note "mist" right of summit in all photos - must be steam (fumerols are above crater between Grant Pk (left summit) and Sherman Pk (right)

upper broad glacier divides into Demming, Easton and Squak glaciers

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2 peaks on left are the &quot;Black Buttes&quot; (Lincoln and Colfax peaks), remnants of former stratovolcano

row of peaks at bottom left center to right are Twin Sisters Range (huge body of dunite, see <a href=""></a>)

my photos arranged by subject - <a href=""></a>
Broad Peak (originally named K3), known locally as Faichan Kangri, is the 12th highest mountain on Earth. The literal translation of 'Broad Peak' to Phalchan Kangri is not accepted among the Baltis. Read further
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