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Pax tibi Marce by Nick in exsilio

11.4.2010: sculpture above the Porta della Carta, Doge's Palace, Venice, constructed between 1438-1442 and designed by Giovanni and Bartolomeo Buon. This version of the sculpture was created in 1885 to replace the original defaced by Napoleon's troops in 1797. It shows the Doge Francesco Foscari (1373-1457) kneeling before the Lion of St Mark - symbolic not just of Venice's submission to the its patron saint, but of the submission of the republican official to the Republic.
The Republican Palace (Arabic: القصر الجمهوري al-Qaṣr al-Ǧumhūriy) in Iraq is the largest of the palaces commissioned by Saddam Hussein and was his preferred place to meet visiting heads of state. The United States spared the palace during its shock ... Read further
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