Photos of Fort Charles (Nevis)

Brimstone Fortress from Magazine Bastion by www78

Brimstone Hill, named after nearby vents reeking of sulfur, in a large promontory of andesite dominating the center of the island of St Kitts. After its role in the 1690 victory over French forces in at Fort Charles, the British began construction of a fortification here. Construction would continue on for another century, using the volcanic rock nearby (and using slave labor to build the defenses). Soon, the Brimstone Fortress arose, which became known as the "Gibraltar of the Caribbean". Here the mostly restored Brimstone Fortress is visible from the Magazine Bastion, built around the 1800s, with the magazine in the foreground. In the midground is the Prince of Wales Bastion, the most powerful defense position of Brimstone Fortress capable of protecting both Sandy Point Town and Old Road Town. At the crest of the hill is the Fort George Citadel, the earliest surviving structure in the complex and the main defense line. To the right is the Infantry Officers Quarters with its distinct archways, and behind it is Monkey Hill, which once held the Governor's House. Brimstone Fortress National Park, St. Kitts, Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis
Fort Charles is an abandoned British fort on the island of Nevis. It is now mostly in ruins. Read further
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