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Bear Mountain - Sedona - view on approach across mesa by Al_HikesAZ

Bear Mountain is a nice training hike in the Red Rock Secret Mountain Wilderness northwest of Sedona and west of the Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon. Strenuous but well rewarding with great views. Fay Canyon to the eastsoutheast, Sedona to the southeast, San Francisco Peaks to the northeast.
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The hike to the top of the mountain is mostly unshaded, steep and difficult in places. Great views the whole way. The trail begins at a broad path at the parking area, crosses two washes and then starts a gradual ascent 1/4 mile to the wilderness boundary at the base of the mountain. The trail narrows and begins a 450 foot switchback that is steep and rocky in places. It levels out following narrow plateau area and then begins a steep rocky 500 foot climb in a narrow side canyon to a broad plateau. It crosses the plateau gradually ascending, dips down, and then climbs another 400 feet to a false summit. Fay canyon views are to the right (northeast). The trail continues a moderate climb to true summit. There are great panoramic views here. Continue over level ground another 200 yards to the Red Canyon overlook and a view of the San Francisco Peaks in the distance to the north. Return by the same route. Do not attempt this hike when there is significant snow on the mountain.
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Broad Peak (originally named K3), known locally as Faichan Kangri, is the 12th highest mountain on Earth. The literal translation of 'Broad Peak' to Phalchan Kangri is not accepted among the Baltis. Read further
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