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Capital: San‘a’

Population: 23013000

Area (sq. km): 527970

Languages: ar-YE

Currency: Rial (YER)

Domain: .ye

Phone code: 967

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Attractions in Yemen

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Ashrafiya Mosque

Madrasa and Mosque of Al-Ashrafiya or Ashrafiya Mosque (Arabic:

Yemen Military Museum

The Yemen Military Museum or The Military Museum (Arabic:المتحف الحرب

Great Mosque of Sana'a

Great Mosque of Sana'a (Arabic: الجامع الكبير بصنعاء‎ Al-

Al-Bakiriyya Mosque

Bakiriyya Dom is a mosque constructed in Sana'a around 1596–97 by t

Bab al-Yaman

Bab al-Yaman (Arabic: باب اليمن‎), lit. 'Gate of the Yemen,' is the ma

Aljabowbi Castle

Aljabowbi Castle is a castle in the Hadda neighborhood of the southern

Cairo Castle

Cairo Castle or Al-Qahira Castle is a historical castle in the ancient

Citadel of Rada'a

The Citadel of Rada'a (Arabic: قلعة رداع‎) is a historic castle

Dar al-Hajar

The Dar al-Hajar (Arabic: دار الحجر‎, 'Stone House') is a royal pal

Palace of Queen Arwa

The Palace of Queen Arwa, Arabic: قصر الملكة الحرة‎, was the residen

Sira Fortress

Sira Fortress is a military site in Aden, Yemen. The original

Al Saleh Mosque

The Al Saleh Mosque (Arabic: جامع الصالح) is the largest and most mode

Al Tawheed Mosque

Al Tawheed Mosque is a mosque in Sana'a, Yemen. It lies in the eastern

Fort Al-Ghwayzi

Fort Al-Ghwayzi is one of the old fortresses in Mukalla, the capital

Cisterns of Tawila

The Cisterns of Tawila, or the Tawila Tanks, are the best-known

Marib Dam

The Marib or Ma'rib or Ma'arib Dam (العربية. سد مأرب) blocks the W

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Hotels in San‘a’

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Holiday Inn Najran Hotel

starting $197

Alhan Algnob

starting $0

Amasi Aparthotels

starting $0

Al Eairy Apartments Jazan 1

starting $47

Al Eairy Apartments Jazan 3

starting $27

Warf Tower Hotel Apartments

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