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Capital: Tunis

Population: 10378000

Area (sq. km): 163610

Languages: ar-TN,fr

Currency: Dinar (TND)

Domain: .tn

Phone code: 216

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Attractions in Tunisia

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Carthage (Arabic: قرطاج Qarṭāj‎, Ancient Greek: Καρχηδών K

Medina of Sousse, Tunisia

The Medina of Sousse is a Medina in Sousse, Governorate of Sousse,

Sousse Archaeological Museum

The Sousse Archaeological Museum (Tunisian Arabic: المتحف الأثر


Dougga or Thugga (العربية. دقة) is an ancient Roman city in northern


Kerkouane (العربية. كركوان; occasionally Kerkuane) is a Punic city i


Maktar (Arabic: مكتر‎, Latin: Mactaris), or Makthar, is a town and R


Sufetula redirects here. For the genus of crambid moths, see Sufetula

Bab Saadoun

Bab Saadoun is one of the gates of the medina of Tunis, the capital of

Utica, Tunisia

Utica is an ancient city northwest of Carthage near the outflow of the

Thuburbo Majus

Thuburbo Majus (or Thuburbo Maius) is a large Roman site in northern


Byrsa was the walled citadel above the harbour in ancient Carthage. It


Thélepte (Arabic: ثليفت‎) is a Roman ruin in western Tunisia, 5 km fr

Jebel ech Chambi

Jebel ech Chambi (Arabic: جبل الشعانبي‎) is the highest mountain in

Eles, Tunisia

Eles (also transliterated as Ellès and Al Las) is a village in the

الجامع الكبير (صفاقس)

الجامع الكبير (صفاقس) is a tourist attraction located in Sfax, Tunisia


Thapsus (less commonly, Tapsus) was an ancient city in what is modern


Chemtou or Chimtou is an antique site in northwestern Tunisia. Il is

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Hotel La Maison Blanche

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Golden Tulip El Mechtel Hotel

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Novotel Tunis

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Dar El Medina Hotel

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Yadis Ibn Khaldoun Hotel

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Ibis Tunis

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