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Capital: Astana

Population: 15340000

Area (sq. km): 2717300

Languages: kk,ru

Currency: Tenge (KZT)

Domain: .kz

Phone code: 7

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Attractions in Kazakhstan

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Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi

The Mausoleum of Khawaja Ahmed Yasawi (kz. Қожа Ахмет Яссауи к

Abay Opera House

Abay Opera House (full official name - Abay Academic Opera and Ballet

Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park is located on the Bay of Fundy, the village site

Aisha Bibi

The Aisha-Bibi is an 11th or 12th-century mausoleum for a noble woman

Дворец Независимости

Дворец Независимости is a tourist attraction located in Astana,

Nur-Astana Mosque

The Nur-Astana Mosque (Kazakh: Нұр-Астана мешіті, Nur-Astana meş

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (also translated as the Pyramid


Bayterek (Kazakh: Бəйтерек, 'tall poplar [tree]'), is a monumen

Almaty Tower

The Almaty Tower was built between 1975 and 1983 in Almaty city,


The Medeu (Kazakh Медеу, which would be more properly spelled Mede

Тәуелсіздік монументі (Алматы)

Тәуелсіздік монументі (Алматы) is a tourist attraction located in Alm

Sharyn Canyon

Sharyn Canyon is an 80 km canyon in Kazakhstan on the Sharyn River,

Shymkent Zoo

The Shymkent Zoo (қазақша. Шымкент хайуанханасы;

Central Square, Taraz

Central Square, Taraz is a tourist attraction located in Taraz,


Shymbulak (Kazakh: Шымбұлақ), also known as Chimbulak (Russia

Almaty Zoo

|zoo_name=Алматинский зоопаркAlmaty Zoo |logo= |logo_widt

National Library of Kazakhstan

The National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NLRK) is one of

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Hotels in Astana

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Ramada Plaza Astana Hotel

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Hotel Absolute

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G Empire Hotel

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King Hotel Astana

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Art Hotel Astana

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Ereimentau Hotel

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