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Wali tourist attractions and interesting places

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Summer Palace

The Summer Palace or Yihe yuan (Шаблон:Zh-tspl) is a palace in Beiji

Old Summer Palace

The Old Summer Palace, known in China as the Gardens of Perfect

Long Corridor

The Long Corridor (Chinese: ; pinyin: ) is a covered walkway in

Marble Boat

The Marble Boat (Chinese: ; pinyin: ), also known as the Boat of

Purple Bamboo Park

Purple Bamboo Park (Chinese: ; pinyin: Zǐ Zhú Yuàn Gōngyuán; also

Prince Gong Mansion

The Prince Gong's Mansion (Chinese: ; pinyin: Gōng Wáng Fǔ) or Go

Ying Tung Natatorium

The Ying Tung Natatorium (simplified Chinese: 英东游泳馆; tradition


Deshengmen (simplified Chinese: 德胜门; traditional Chinese: 德勝門;

Beijing Zoo

The Beijing Zoo (simplified Chinese:

Gulou and Zhonglou (Beijing)

Gǔlóu (鼓楼), the drum tower of Beijing, is situated at the north


Houhai (Chinese: 后海/後海) is a lake in central Beijing, one of the thr

National Library of China

The National Library of China (simplified Chinese:

Xiyang Lou

Xiyang Lou (Chinese: 西|西 洋|洋 楼|楼; pinyin: Xī Lóu; literall

Zhenjue Temple

The Five Pagoda Temple

Beijing National Indoor Stadium

The Beijing National Indoor Stadium, also known as the National Indoor

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Hotels in Wali

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Lavande Hotel Beijing Xueyuan Road LiuDaokou

starting $85

GreenTree Inn Qinghe Bridge Hotel

starting $41

GreenTree Inn Beijing Xueqing Road Business Hotel

starting $41

Jinjiang Inn Beijing Tsinghua East Gate

starting $47

7 Days Inn Xueyuan Road 2nd

starting $49

7 Days Inn Beijing Tsinghua University East Branch

starting $46

7 Days Inn Beijing Xueyuan Road Liudaokou Subway Station Branch

starting $52

7 Days Inn Beijing Qinghe Yongtaizhuang Subway Station Branch

starting $54