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Subashiri tourist attractions and interesting places

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Mount Fuji

Шаблон:Audio is the highest mountain in Japan at Шабло


Ōwakudani (大涌谷, lit. 'Great Boiling Valley') is a volcanic valley

Fuji Speedway

Fuji Speedway (富士スピードウェイ, Fuji Supīdowei) is a race track standing in

Shasui Falls

Shasui Falls (洒水の滝, Shasui-no-taki) is a waterfall on the Tanzawa

Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland (富士急ハイランド) is an amusement park in Fujiyoshida, Ya

Hakone Ropeway

The Hakone Ropeway (箱根ロープウェイ, Hakone Rōpuwei) is the name of an aeria

Yuhi Falls

Yūhi Falls (夕日の滝, Yūhi-no-taki) is a waterfall on the upper reaches o

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Hotels in Subashiri

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Yamanakakohanso Hotel Seikei

starting $115

Tokinosumika Subashiri Onsen Hotel Tenkei

starting $58

Fuji Subashiri Condominium Tannpopo

starting $141

Hotel Green Plaza Fuji

starting $74


starting $41

Teiensaryo Yamanakako

starting $212

Yamanaka Kohanso Hotel Seikei

starting $0

AS Spacious villa in Mt.Fuji Area (YNK2)

starting $0