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Hatikva tourist attractions and interesting places

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Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art (עברית. מוזיאון תל אביב לאמנות Muze'on Te


Jaffa (he-n. יָפוֹ, Шаблон:Audio; العربية. يَافَا, Шаблон:Au

Cameri Theater

The Cameri Theater (עברית. התיאטרון הקאמרי, HaTeatron HaKameri

Eretz Israel Museum

The Eretz Israel Museum is a historical and archeological museum in

Gesher Theater

Gesher Theater is an Israeli theater company founded in 1991 by new

Jaffa Clock Tower

The Jaffa Clock Tower (עברית. מגדל השעון יפו, Migdal haShaon Yafo, ال

Suspended Orange Tree

Suspended Orange Tree is a tourist attraction located in Tel Aviv,

Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion International Airport, or as sometimes referred to, Natbag

Rosh HaAyin

Rosh HaAyin (he-n. רֹאשׁ הָעָיִן, lit. head of the fountain) i

Mahmoudiya Mosque

The Mahmoudiya Mosque (العربية. جامع المحمودية, עברית. מסגד מחמודיה

White City (Tel Aviv)

The White City (עברית. העיר הלבנה, Ha-Ir HaLevana) refers to a c

Moshe Aviv Tower

Moshe Aviv Tower (Hebrew: מגדל משה אביב, commonly known as the City G

Zisterne von Ramla

Zisterne von Ramla is a tourist attraction located in Ramla, Israel

Shalom Meir Tower

Shalom Mayer Tower (Hebrew: מגדל שלום מאיר‎, Migdal Shalom Meir;

Migdal Afek

Migdal Afek (Hebrew: מגדל אפק‎) (also Migdal Tsedek (Hebrew: מגדל צדק

White Mosque (Ramla)

The White Mosque (Arabic: المسجد الأبيض‎ Masjid al-Abyad, Heb


Arsuf (he-n. אַרְסוּף, ארשוף, ''aRShOoPh', العربية. 'Ar

Farkash Gallery collection

The Farkash Gallery collection[1] is the largest collection in the


Antipatris, one of two places known as Tel Afek, was a city built by

Sabil Abu Nabbut

Sabil Abu Nabbut (Arabic: سبيل أبو نبوت‎) also known as Tabitha's We

Majdal Yaba

Majdal Yaba (Arabic: مجدل يابا‎) was a Palestinian Arab village l


Ibelin was a castle in the crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem in the 12th

Tell Qasile

Tell Qasile is an archaeological site over 3,000 years old. The site

Al Gal

Al Gal is a beach area located on the west coast of Israel near the

Azrieli Center

Azrieli Center is a complex of skyscrapers in Tel Aviv. At the base of

Hotels in Hatikva

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Laguardia Hotel

starting $80

NYX Tel Aviv

starting $152

Florentin House

starting $50

Lily and Bloom Hotel

starting $238

The Diaghilev Live Art Boutique Hotel

starting $165

TLV Premium Apartments - Zeharia Street

starting $99