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Bârsana tourist attractions and interesting places

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Geographical midpoint of Europe

The location of the geographical centre of Europe depends on the

Budeşti Josani church

The church of Saint Nicholas in Budeşti Josani ('Lower Budeşti') in t

Sârbi Susani church

The Sârbi Susani church stands in the village of Sârbi in the region o

Church of the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple

The Călineşti Susani church stands in the village of Călineşti in the

Hotels in Bârsana

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Dacii Liberi

starting $64

Hotel Metropolis

starting $107

Castel Transilvania

starting $52

Rivulus Hotel

starting $45

Hotel Bistrita

starting $40

Rooms in hotel Premium Club

starting $86